To Err is Human…

from “An Essay on Criticism,” by
Alexander Pope

My Services



Whether the book is fictional or business-related I will proofread and copy edit it for you. I am an avid reader and with so many self-published books these days I spot a lot of mistakes and can easily tell when the author hasn’t had their work proofed properly. When this happens I often have to stop reading the book and would never recommend it. This isn’t something that authors want to happen. So please make sure your book is checked – preferably by me, of course.



Over the last nine years I have proofread, edited and formatted approximately 6,000 business blogs written by writers from all around the world. So you could say I have some experience in this sector. These days people need to have a business blog and many are experts in their industry but may not be very good writers. Some will use a content writing or ghost writing service. However, for those who prefer to write their own blogs, but aren’t proficient with their grammar and spelling, then I will check over the final copy before it is published.

Website Audits

One of the main services I provide is proofreading website content. Many websites are DIY sites these days and mistakes can easily happen. Even large corporate websites will contain mistakes, and I have the annoying habit of spotting these errors.

Proofreading for Translation

Every translator will want to make sure their English is absolutely correct before it is presented to their client. Whether for a freelance translator or agency, I will provide a final check of the translated content to ensure it is up to the standard you (and your client) require.

About Me

Even the best writers will admit they “err” and will need someone to check their work. When looking at your own writing you become word-blind and can miss even the simplest errors.

That is why a proofreader is needed to check spelling, grammar and punctuation.

A copy editor will improve accuracy and readability. They ensure that the writing is free of error, omission, inconsistency and repetition. A good editor will also suggest possible improvements to be considered.

I provide proofreading and copy editing services for anyone who wants to ensure their writing is error free and reads well.

If you have any content, then I am happy to take a look for you to see if I can help.

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